For Whom I write

I write for fellow dreamers, movers & shakers.

I write for fellow beings in pain and for anyone suffering or struggling to make it through each day.

I write for anyone who wishes for a positive change/shift in the 'Universal Force'.

I write for people who have tried anything & everything they could think of to feel balanced/alive or just to feel a sense of belonging if for just a moment in time.

I write for the OCD perfectionist and the chaotic so-called f-up.

I write for myself; for I preach what I seek to practice the most, and I attempt to practice what I preach the most.

I write for anyone at anytime in any situation...because the truth is: We could all use a bit of forgiveness, uncomfortable change & freedom from our various forms of baggage.

What is the Message?

The message varies depending on what perspective-filter you are using.

One message of ‘Jesus Loves Your History: Forgiveness Meetings’ that I hope shines through is that our various forms of uniqueness have a place in our shared world.

It is possible to maintain our sense of self while learning how to get along with others & to do this we all could benefit from a bit of shared forgiveness, individual change as well as enough self-love to let a few bits of baggage go.

The other messages are a personal thing for you; interpret it like humans have been interpreting great self-help books for centuries [like the Tao-te Ching/Bhagavad Gita/the Sutras/Koran/Bible /Torah/Jonathan Livington Seagull/Chicken Soup for the Soul and all the rest].

Why I Write

I write because I've helplessly complained about the world's state of affairs for far too long and coming up with & writing down possible solutions soothes me.

I write because being judged and criticized for my thoughts and feelings is a fear of mine that I must face.

I write because I have cause for concern. I am concerned that there are a few in charge of our universal fate, and those few have a hard time listening/taking into account our many diverse & valuable voices.

I write because I believe in my core that collectively we can accomplish Universal Peace, Health & Happiness; atheist to religious nut, anarchist to political zealot. and tree hugger to gas-guzzling over-consumer. I believe that in our extremes we will find the answer to the balance we all [deep-down] so desperately need/crave/seek in order to cleanse our universal consciousness of past transgressions to move forward.

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Saddleback Church one family, many locations


A.s.C., was born the eldest of Howie and Ann Sarmiento of Saddleback Church's main Human Trafficking Ministry based in Southern California. A.s.C. was brought up volunteering from a young age and raised to help wherever possible. It was ingrained in her that although the world can be beautiful and wonderful…it can also be frightening and destructive for many who lose their way in life and it was always a personal responsibility to lift up whomever whenever and be the change she believed was needed in the world. This book is a tribute to the Sarmiento family and their struggles against the odds to help their community. Join A.s.C. and her writings and show support for her family at

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Project Cuddle


While A.s.C. volunteered for Project Cuddle, her understanding of the great need for support and counselling for families, young women and children throughout the world grew. Project Cuddles efforts of providing safe and loving homes to babies that would otherwise be abandoned or thrown into the machine we call ‘Child Services’ to grow up in foster care or orphanages is felt and deeply appreciated by many.

The tremendous support and advice Project Cuddle provides to women, babies & adoptive families through their compassion and strong leadership still inspires many today.

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Girl Guides


The Irish Girl Guides is an exceptional example of how an organisation can encourage young women to become the best they can be. Through the experience of volunteering to support a progressive youth leadership program and being privileged to be a part of such an inspirational organization has inspired A.s.C.’s works in many ways.