Rock Stack

The Gentleman who whirls into town and ultimately ends up being the catalyst for change for Noah and everyone he meets from that moment on represents a concept more than an individual.

I have found that in my life there have been these mystery people who have impacted my life so heavily and yet I will NEVER know their name, where they came from or where they are headed.

Sometimes the people who have the greatest impact on our lives spend the least amount of time in it.

For Noah, The Book Store Gentleman is one of those important individuals that flutter in and out of his life, changing it forever.  Noah may never see him again or learn anything else about him…but this Gentleman will eternally hold a place of honour and appreciation in Noah’s mind.

Saddleback Church one family, many locations


A.s.C., was born the eldest of Howie and Ann Sarmiento of Saddleback Church's main Human Trafficking Ministry based in Southern California. A.s.C. was brought up volunteering from a young age and raised to help wherever possible. It was ingrained in her that although the world can be beautiful and wonderful…it can also be frightening and destructive for many who lose their way in life and it was always a personal responsibility to lift up whomever whenever and be the change she believed was needed in the world. This book is a tribute to the Sarmiento family and their struggles against the odds to help their community. Join A.s.C. and her writings and show support for her family at

Project Cuddle


While A.s.C. volunteered for Project Cuddle, her understanding of the great need for support and counselling for families, young women and children throughout the world grew. Project Cuddles efforts of providing safe and loving homes to babies that would otherwise be abandoned or thrown into the machine we call ‘Child Services’ to grow up in foster care or orphanages is felt and deeply appreciated by many.

The tremendous support and advice Project Cuddle provides to women, babies & adoptive families through their compassion and strong leadership still inspires many today.

Girl Guides


The Irish Girl Guides is an exceptional example of how an organisation can encourage young women to become the best they can be. Through the experience of volunteering to support a progressive youth leadership program and being privileged to be a part of such an inspirational organization has inspired A.s.C.’s works in many ways.