Jesus Loves Your History

Saddleback Church

Saddleback Church is an amazing global organization lead by Pastor Rick Warren.

Where most religious groups talk about the stories of Jesus Christ, Saddleback Church actually embodies it to the best of the congregation’s human abilities.

Can’t feed your family?

Go to their Food Pantry.

Can’t afford to get your vehicle fixed so you can get to work?

They have a ministry to help you.

Medical too expensive? Can’t afford dental?

I personally have availed of their services in time of need when the pain brought me to tears.

Found yourself in a money-making or pain-relieving lifestyle that you can’t get out of alone?

There are ministries full of volunteers ready and waiting to help as best they know how.

Counselling, small groups, reading/listening/visual materials, dating events, conferences of all sorts, resources for parents, divorcees  and the homeless and the downtrodden…you name it they are either working on it or are willing to discuss how to set up a ministry to help.

Is your health an issue?

Rick Warren has been known to gather religious leaders of multiple faiths and bring them together on one stage to discuss the health struggles most humans face today; christian/jewish/muslim…all together united in hope, peace, love…understanding of one another’s similarities and appreciation of one another’s differences all at the same time .

Leaving religion aside…

Forgetting for a moment that their actions have anything to do with a prophet/son of god/heaven/hell/cross/easter bunny or santa clause…

Just looking at actions alone:

It would be pretty cool if people all over the world were able to help one another to this extent; leave personal or spiritual or social judgements aside and just work toward making one another’s lives a bit more peaceful and easier to manage and live through.

My parents are leaders at Saddleback Church.  They head the Human Trafficking division that helps bring children, women and men out of a lifestyle that is destroying them.  I have watched them clothe, feed, provide toiletries and even a safe place to be while they re-skill and re-locate.

Rick Warren has not just built a church…but an entire global community.

Not all of his congregational members agree with his ONE LOVE attitude and he has been shamed and has been hurt in more ways than he can probably count.  This has never stopped his unconditional love and devotion.

Personally, my views on organized religion and exclusive behaviour for which all religious beliefs appear to stand for leave me with a faecal-esc taste in my mouth.  However, if I could replicate the love and the balls-to-the-wall humanitarian works that Rick Warren and the Saddleback Global Community display…well, I could see the world being just a bit more liveable.

Imagine a world where discrimination is based on merit and effort and compassion…not on self-righteous judgements that lead to destruction, pain, shame, blame and all those lovely negatives that tear our world apart as each moment passes in time.

It’s achievable.

Another organization I believe goes above and beyond is Project Cuddle.  Project Cuddle is based out of Costa Mesa California and is one of those non-profits that I wish I could copy and paste all over the world.

Helping babies find loving and capable parents is far from being the only thing Project Cuddle and its many tireless volunteers accomplish on a daily basis. When a mother of any age, race, culture or creed calls Project Cuddle they are met with open arms and willing hearts to help them through possibly one of the toughest decisions they may ever have to make. Project Cuddle has helped to prevent over 700+ babies from being abandoned or thrown into a broken social system.  Beautiful organization; beautiful people.

Also, Saint Vincent De Paul Organization in Ireland that go so far as to go to your home and provide you with food vouchers and Christmas gifts for your children when you feel so low and are physically unable.

Girl Guides, Scouts, Big Brother Big Sister…

All need volunteers (wink wink, nudge nudge). Supplies, time, leaders, help in their administration name it, they could use it.

What organization/person do you believe embodies love, compassion and an unrelenting drive to help all who call on them? Where are they based? Why do you believe their efforts could be/are valuable globally? What do they do? How do they do what they do? What/who makes what they are doing possible?

Saddleback Church one family, many locations


A.s.C., was born the eldest of Howie and Ann Sarmiento of Saddleback Church's main Human Trafficking Ministry based in Southern California. A.s.C. was brought up volunteering from a young age and raised to help wherever possible. It was ingrained in her that although the world can be beautiful and wonderful…it can also be frightening and destructive for many who lose their way in life and it was always a personal responsibility to lift up whomever whenever and be the change she believed was needed in the world. This book is a tribute to the Sarmiento family and their struggles against the odds to help their community. Join A.s.C. and her writings and show support for her family at

Project Cuddle


While A.s.C. volunteered for Project Cuddle, her understanding of the great need for support and counselling for families, young women and children throughout the world grew. Project Cuddles efforts of providing safe and loving homes to babies that would otherwise be abandoned or thrown into the machine we call ‘Child Services’ to grow up in foster care or orphanages is felt and deeply appreciated by many.

The tremendous support and advice Project Cuddle provides to women, babies & adoptive families through their compassion and strong leadership still inspires many today.

Girl Guides


The Irish Girl Guides is an exceptional example of how an organisation can encourage young women to become the best they can be. Through the experience of volunteering to support a progressive youth leadership program and being privileged to be a part of such an inspirational organization has inspired A.s.C.’s works in many ways.